Bucket List: Then and Now

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Growing up, I never fancied I’d become addicted to travel. The summer I was 12, we took a road trip to California to go to Disney Land. We stopped along the way to see other things but I’ll never forget sharing the back seat of the car with my brother and how I thought I would die if I couldn’t get a sailor hat with my name on it at Disney Land.

Fast forward several years (ok, a lot of years actually) and I want to do nothing but travel. I have turned my husband into a traveler. I have turned my step-kids into travelers. My step-son is constantly checking flight prices… I have created a monster, but I love it.

I think everyone has a bucket list. I know some people hate that term, but how else do you categorize the things you want to accomplish in life? As I get older, I am becoming more adventurous, more willing to go places I never dreamed about before. My bucket list was short when I was younger. I’m pretty sure I had only one “dream trip” on it. And now? Too many to count.


1. Australia – I want to hold a koala bear. I want to see kangaroos. I don’t however want any part of the snakes in this country…

Look at that face!

By: chem7

Yup, so that sums up my “then” list. I told you it was short.


1. New Zealand – I see pictures of New Zealand and all of it looks amazing. I want to hear the accent of the Kiwis. I want to explore the coast and the mountains. I want to explore the wineries. Oh, and no snakes!

2. Costa Rica – A few years ago, a co-worker went to Costa Rica on his honeymoon. I thought he was crazy. What’s so good about Costa Rica? As it turns out, a lot. I am a tad bit obsessed with holding a sloth. I am really obsessed with watching baby sea turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean. Toucans, monkeys, beaches, jungles, cloud forests…

3. Iceland – I am not a cold weather fan but there is something about the Northern Lights and the haunting beauty of Iceland that pulls me in. I want to see what the blue lagoons are all about and witness the many waterfalls this country has.

4. French Polynesia – Over water bungalows…Do I need to say more?

5. Paris – Ok, here’s the thing. I never had any desire to go to France until recently. Everyone raves about Paris and I think maybe I owe it to myself to see what all the fuss is about. Oh, and they have macarons, cheese and wine. I’m not sure how you can go wrong with these 3 things.

By: Incase

6. The Caribbean – There are simply too many wonderful islands in the Caribbean to add to this list. I would love to sail through all of the islands, spending time on each one and learning about the different cultures. Did I mention fresh seafood? I could eat it for all 3 meals. Now, where did I put that lottery ticket…

7. Switzerland/Sweden – Yes, I know these are two different countries. This is where my ancestors came from on both my Mom and my Dad’s side. I would like to see where it all started.

Swiss Alps

By: Els

What’s on your bucket list? Or have you already crossed some off of yours? I’d love to hear about it!

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4 Responses to Bucket List: Then and Now

  1. Lyn says:

    I share your sentiment 100% I live and breathe travel now. Constantly doing virtual travel when I’m at home and enjoying every moment when I’m travelling. I love your list, coming from Australia nice to see it makes the top and I am off to number 2, New Zealand next week. I have been to Paris and it is the most amazing city I have been to and have been drawn to anything French since leaving. My other favourite region is Asia, I mean it is so close. We have travelled quite a bit in Asia and will continue to explore more.
    Lyn recently posted…Paris in Springtime – just another cliché?My Profile

    • Valerie says:


      I’m so jealous you are going to New Zealand! I look forward to reading about your time there. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Londerick Jamerson says:

    Great buket lists.
    I would love to visit Paris and Italy, but New Zealand sounds fantastic. HAVE FUN!!

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