Life Can Be A Challenge

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Sometimes in life, we encounter challenges. Some are easier than others, some are not welcome. Every once in a while, we choose, embrace and welcome them. This was one of those times for me. If you push yourself, you will learn what you are capable of. I’m not really afraid of heights. I have a healthy respect for them. That’s why I was nervous and thrilled at the same time when I had the opportunity to complete a challenge course. Appropriately named the Prickly Pear Challenge Course at Travaasa Experiential Resort in Austin, this is one of their most popular activities.

Safety equipment: Check

Always The Professional

Always The Professional

The first step of the challenge course was to climb up a web of ropes. The course instructor made it look easy as she breezed to the top, safely stepping onto the 35 foot high platform. I totally got this… I was the second one up, right behind my husband, who was not quite as graceful as the instructor, but made it to the top. Really, that’s all that counts, right? Hmm, perhaps I should have listened a little more closely when she said to pick a row of ropes and stick with it. If you don’t, it’s a lot more unbalanced.

The First Challenge: The Ropes

The First Challenge: The Ropes

After climbing the ropes (not so gracefully I might add), I made it to the platform. The next step is to walk across a “floating” bridge. Safely hooked into my safety gear, I know I can’t fall, right? I made it across in record time (in my mind). I’m so proud! Then, the instructor told me I had the same problem as my husband. SLOW DOWN AND BREATHE!! Oh, am I supposed to be enjoying this?

The Floating Bridge

The Floating Bridge

Next, I am supposed to walk across this telephone looking pole. I am not going to lie. This was the easiest part. And since it was not as challenging, I did remember to breathe.

The Easiest Part

The Easiest Part

3 of 5 challenges done, but the next one was most definitely the hardest. Ok, hard is a harsh word. It was the most awkward of the challenges. It looked remarkably like a tightrope. There were 2 tightropes so my husband and I decided to give it a go together. There were several ways to get across the tightrope. At first, we each stayed on our own tightrope…

Here's One For The Scrapbook...

Here’s One For The Scrapbook…

Seconds after that picture was taken, I lost my balance. My husband left me in the dust. My whole world was shattered. Ok, my whole world wasn’t really shattered, that might have been a slight exaggeration. I finally made it across in what felt like days but was probably more like 2.3 seconds.

The big finale: the zip line! Here I am preparing for take off.

Better Double Check That...

Better Double Check That…

I’m all strapped in and ready to go. I’m told to lean forward and fall. What? It felt a little crazy looking down at the ground and thinking about falling. Well, you only live once… Here goes nothing!

I Think We Are Racing.  I Might Have Lost.

I Think We Are Racing. I Might Have Lost.

***I stayed as a guest of Travaasa Experiential Resorts, however all opinions stated are entirely mine. Thanks Travaasa Austin for hosting my stay.***

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  1. Melanie says:

    Sooooooo cool!

  2. Soooo cool — and soooo gutsy! Next time I have the opportunity to go zip lining, I might really have to do it, too! I know it’s entirely safe — but it’s just getting the nerve to go outside the comfort zone and DO IT! Thank you for the motivation!

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