Food Photo Friday: Burgers

It’s Valentine’s Day everybody! That doesn’t mean you have to take your sweetie to a fancy restaurant and drop a lot of money. Try a gourmet burger and truffle fries at BRGR Kitchen + Bar! To read more about BRGR, …

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Food Photo Friday: Kansas City BBQ

The choices for BBQ in Kansas City are plentiful and everyone has their favorite. Recently, we discovered this little hidden gem. Jon Russell’s BBQ got added to our top 5.

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Facing Fears And Putting Yourself Out There

Six months ago today, I began this blog and started on a crazy journey of revelation and frustration. I wanted to share my travels and my food experiences with anyone who wanted to read about them (preferably besides my family). …

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Photo Of The Week: Slide Rock State Park, Arizona

This is nature’s answer to a water slide. The water can be pretty cold…if you are daring enough. The drive from Flagstaff to Sedona (or vice versa) is not complete without a stop here. To read more about my time …

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Featured Winery: Jowler Creek

A glass of wine is necessary on days that end with y. For me, there is nothing like enjoying a glass (or 3) while cooking dinner. Although I don’t live in the major wine regions, I have come to love …

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