Pike’s Peak Cog Railway

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Maybe I’m just not a fun person… What am I saying? Of course I’m fun! However, I did not have fun on this train ride. The trip started by getting bitched out by a lady in the bathroom. I’m sorry if your daughter is rude and had to push around me and cut in line. I’m not sorry I called your daughter out on her rudeness. But it was really unnecessary to tell me that children have smaller bladders and I should have just let her go first and that maybe if I had children, I would understand. I guess she must have thought I wasn’t old enough to have any kids (I think my night cream is working!) because I didn’t have a small child standing next to me. Next was the actual train ride. Thank goodness my new friend wasn’t on the same car as me! The railway is almost 9 miles long but it takes forever to go 9 miles… straight up. Of course with our luck, it was a cloudy day which means we couldn’t see jack once we got to the top. When you do finally get to the top, you are herded into the bathroom line…and then the food line. I was told to try the “world famous doughnuts.” Don’t, just don’t. $1 a piece or the bargain price of $5 for 6 little donuts. Did you notice I spelled donuts two different ways? Which way is correct?!? Does it matter? I don’t know whose idea it was that their donuts are “world famous” but they should be fired. If all donuts tasted this way, I wouldn’t crave them so damn much! After all of that, you have about 5 minutes left to look around outside before you have to board the train to leave. Remember how I said it was cloudy? Yup, nothing to see here folks, move along. By the time we got back down the mountain, my butt was numb from the aforementioned seats and I was not about to risk making another friend in the bathroom. If you truly want to enjoy Pike’s Peak, drive it yourself, preferably on a sunny day. image

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2 Responses to Pike’s Peak Cog Railway

  1. Hmmm, always wanted to do that Pikes Peak rail thing . . . may have second thoughts!

    • Valerie says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the view is amazing on a clear day. I really didn’t like having limited time to be at the top of the mountain. I think they should allow enough time to use the facilities, grab a snack and wander outside without having to worry about being left behind.

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