Pizza and Honey?

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I like the standard fare pizza. Sausage, pepperoni, and hamburger, hold the veggies. Most people have their favorite pizza joint, I know I do. So while traveling through Colorado, I was told I had to try Beau Jo’s Pizza. The original restaurant was opened in Idaho Springs in 1973. The place was packed even at 2:00 in the afternoon… I thought this was a good sign. After ordering a “mountain pie” topped with hamburger and pepperoni, I sat back to take in the character of the building, circa early 1900’s. I would tell you the exact date if I knew it, but it was the only building on the whole freaking street that did not have a date on the outside. Just my luck. Beau Jo’s is known for their crust with a thick edge. They add honey to the crust and the sauce instead of sugar, so my dentist will be happy. They bring out a bottle of honey to put on the crust. Great, sounds like dessert is covered! I usually give my crust to my husband because if it doesn’t have the goods on it, I don’t want it. But when our server suggested we try the honey on the pizza itself, of course I was skeptical. Wouldn’t you be? Pizza and honey…hmm. This goes down in my book as strange, but what the heck. The verdict? Delicious. The sweetness of the honey complemented the saltiness of the pizza. Who knew? After walking away completely stuffed and a little sweeter, I promised myself that I would try my local pizza the same way. The verdict: don’t try this at home folks, it is NOT the same. Go to one of Beau Jo’s 7 locations in Colorado to try it yourself, even though you are secretly going to try it at home.

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  1. Christopher Zehr says:

    I eat at Beau Jo’s every time I drive through Colorado. A must stop during my 12 hour drive to my destination. One of the reasons I do not fly is to stop at Beau Jo’s.

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