Food Photo Friday: Lobster Roll

This was a special menu item for Restaurant Week at Ned Devine’s Irish Pub. A lobster roll is common in the Boston area. It’s similar to tuna or chicken salad, but with lobster, hence the name…

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Photo of the Week: Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Favorite Travel Moments of 2013

2013 has been a busy but incredible year. I traveled more this year than I have any other year. It may be a small amount to some, but you fit in what you can when you have a full-time job. …

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Boston: 5 Oldest Places In America

Everyone knows that Boston has enough history to fill a book. Boston has many firsts but here are my top 5 picks. 1. Bell In Hand Tavern – This tavern was established in 1795 and is still open today. The …

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Have you ever gone a ridiculous distance for a meal? I usually plan my travels around where I am going to eat. I am always researching restaurants wherever I go. What can I say? I love food! Initially when I …

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